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Labor disputes


The foundation mainly provides legal advice to companies, and among the most prominent problems that companies go through are those related to workers, so the foundation has worked to form a team of lawyers specialized in labor disputes, and therefore we are honored to be the best choice if you are looking for a labor lawyer in Egypt.
The foundation has a consistent approach, which is to put in place the necessary preventive measures, which prevent the occurrence of the problem, and accordingly, the foundation helps companies to put the regulations of the work of the company, which results in regulating the relationship between the worker and the employer in the smallest details, and then the worker and the employer can refer to that regulation in the event of any dispute, which will result in avoiding any future dispute that may occur, God forbid.
The foundation also helps its clients to preserve their rights by drafting an employment contract that is suitable for each case and protects them in the future, if any dispute arises.
Finally, the foundation protects its clients before labor courts of various degrees if amicable attempts to resolve the dispute fail

Establishing companies

  • If you are looking for an incorporation lawyer in Egypt, our foundation is honored to serve you.

  • Since we own a group of lawyers specialized in establishing commercial companies of all kinds.

  • Our services are not limited to establishing companies at the General Authority for Investment in Egypt, but also extend to providing the necessary advice to the client to choose the type of company most appropriate for the activity.

The types of companies stipulated in the Egyptian law vary and include the following, for example

  • Shareholding companies.

  • Limited partnership by shares companies.

  • Limited liability companies.

  • Limited partnerships companies.

  • Partnership companies

The Foundation also works on drafting and preparing legal agreements in Arabic and English, which usually precede the establishment of companies, and which work to regulate the relationship between partners before establishing the company, including memorandums of understanding, management contracts, letters of intent, formation contract forms and agreements, and other similar contracts.

In addition to providing company establishment services, the foundation also helps foreign companies to open branches in Egypt and obtain the necessary licenses for that.



  • The foundation realizes that taxes are the main resource for the Egyptian treasury, and accordingly the law regulates taxes of all kinds in detail. The role of the tax lawyer in the foundation lies in providing tax legal advice to companies and individuals, and clarifying the laws that provide exemptions, and what cases are considered as tax evasion punishable by law, in addition to clarifying the cases that fall within the scope of the exemption.

  • The foundation provides legal services related to taxes, including submitting appeals and representing clients before courts of all degrees, in addition to conducting settlements with various tax authorities.

Foreigners' affairs and consular services

  • The foundation always seeks to serve its clients, whether they are Egyptians or foreigners, and accordingly the foundation provides services related to foreign affairs and consular services.

  • The foundation provides legal services related to marriage, divorce, residency, and other legal services. The foundation also represents clients before consulates and embassies.

  • Believing in the foundation's role in serving the global community, the foundation provides free legal advice to refugees who are in financial difficulty



  • The Litigation Department is one of the most important departments in the foundation, as it is responsible for defending our clients, whether in cases they file or against them. The organization has the best lawyers in Egypt specialized in this field.

  • The Litigation Department is the stronghold upon which our clients rely in their daily dealings. The Foundation has represented our clients in hundreds of lawsuits before ordinary and specialized courts, according to its degrees.

  • The foundation is keen on the interests of its customers, and always works to resolve disputes amicably, before resorting to court as a last resort, in order to preserve the customer's time

Services provided by the office to provide full legal support to its clients

  • Providing specialized training courses in cybercrime and all branches of law in an academic and practical manner.

  •  Legal videos to explain and interpret laws, deal with general issues, and deal with all practical issues and problems facing newcomers to the legal profession.

  •  Pleading before economic courts and establishing cases in electronic crimes and related crimes of electronic extortion, piracy, hacking, insulting, electronic defamation, assaulting Egyptian family values, managing and using accounts with the aim of committing a crime, intentionally disturbing, harassing and misusing means of communication.

  • Pleading before the criminal courts and establishing criminal cases from the writing of the records through the investigations of the Public Prosecution until the end of the criminal trial.

  • Writing appeals of cassation and appeal of judgments and judicial decisions and submitting legal notes.

  • Pleading in cases of all kinds, whether civil, criminal, commercial, legal, labor, administrative, banking or economic.

  •  Pleading in cases of family and personal status, marriage, divorce, alimony, custody, child visitation right and divorce.

  • Pleading in family cases for Christians, especially divorce and khula cases.

  • Providing advice on marriage to foreigners, ending all marriage procedures, completing marriage procedures in Egypt, correcting the legal status of customary marriage, proving parentage, and proving Egyptian nationality.

  • Pleading in military cases of all kinds, desertion or absence from conscription, attending investigations and trials, and submitting appeals, grievances and petitions.

  • Registration of apartments, lands and real estate.. and proving the validity of the contract on them and the validity of their enforcement in the courts, the real estate registry and the various government agencies....

  • Registration of trademarks of all kinds, as well as concession contracts, industrial licenses and patents

  • Establishing and registering companies, making their internal regulations, amending their systems and merging them with others inside or outside ... as well as carrying out exit or liquidation operations and dividing their assets ...

  • Attending meetings that require the presence of a legal advisor.

  •  Providing legal advice in various disciplines, studying cases of all kinds, and pleading for them before all judicial departments

  • Drafting all types of contracts and examining the legal position of the subject of purchase before rushing into contracting by researching ownership in the real estate registry, neighborhoods and engineering departments, reviewing licenses and engineering drawings, and disclosing any disputes over real estate to be contracted for in court schedules or expropriation and conciliation agencies.

  • Establishing foreign investment companies in Egypt, completing all procedures and providing all legal advice to companies.

  • Collection of financial amounts for companies, institutions and individuals legally.

  • Carrying out reconciliation and settling disputes through amicable and customary methods.

  • Protection of intellectual property rights of all kinds.

  • By designing and developing appropriate administrative and legal organizational rules for companies and institutions, setting effective systems for administrative policies and procedures, and classifying and describing technical, administrative and legal jobs.

  • Providing advisory services related to concluding international contracts and negotiating contracts.

  • Issues of import, export, dumping, commercial competition and money in all its forms

  • Implementation of judicial rulings issued inside and outside Egypt.

  • Preparing specialized legal and commercial notes, studies and research.

  • Preparing work contracts and regulations for violations and penalties for institutions and commercial companies.

  • Liquidation and division of estates.

  • Managing the properties of Egyptians and foreigners, supervising the endowments, and handling legal and administrative issues and procedures necessary for that.

Our investment sectors


Encouraging investment - establishing companies and businesses
Banks and financial institutions
Financing - loans - bad debt collection.
Real estate, contracting and construction.
Real estate disputes - contracting contracts - buying and selling operations
Energy, oil and gas
Exploration and development agreements - Distribution contracts
Agriculture and food processing
Desert land reclamation license - Import and export contracts
Tourism, hotels and entertainment
Management, sales and leasing agreements - Labor disputes

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