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Criminal cases

We have an amazing team of talented lawyers in criminal cases and disputes.
We represent our clients in:

  • Crimes related to trade

  • Electronic crimes

  • White collar crimes

  • Violations, misdemeanors and crimes

  • Implementation of penal provisions

Civil issues

  • Contract disputes and agreements and their implementation

  • Tenancy issues of separation, eviction and cancellation of the lease under private leases or civil law


Personal status issues

  • We have an amazing team of talented lawyers in cases related to personal status and resolving related disputes. For example:

  • Adjudication of disputes related to inheritance, the liquidation of the disputes and its distribution, and disputes regarding donations and bequests

  • Alimony, divorce and khula issues

Companies and investment

We provide all legal advice and services to investors, local and multinational companies, and meet all their needs as follows:

  • Preparing feasibility studies and surveys

  • Drafting the formation agreement and the statue of the company

  • Establishing foreign companies and branches, commercial representation offices and commercial agencies

  • Termination of the proceedings, licenses and approvals from government agencies

  • Implementation of the work of the General Assembly and the Board of Directors

  • Executing and reconciling mergers, acquisitions, liquidation and bankruptcy operations

  • Increasing capital, selling and forfeit shares, and shareholder agreements

  • Corporate structuring and governance

  • Providing advice to Egyptians and foreigners and meeting their commercial and financial needs

  • Drafting work contracts for the company's employees, following a comprehensive insurance policy, and representing the company before the labor office

  • Preparing work, penalties and financial regulations


Commercial cases

We understand the interest of investors while establishing their business transactions to be represented by a talented expert who avoids any obstacles and takes the right decision at the right time.
This is what our office offers through a team of talented lawyers who have the ability to meet the commercial and financial needs of our clients.

Our services include:

  • Representing our clients in all commercial and tax disputes

  • Representing our clients before the financial and commercial courts of any degree

  •  Implementation and interpretation of commercial contracts and agreements

  • Collection of bad commercial debts

  • Raise tax appeals

Contracts and agreements

Classified as one of the best drafting departments in Egypt, which is the cornerstone of our company. As an example of contracts and agreements:

  • Investment agreements

  • Commercial contracts

  • Civil contracts

  • Artistic production contracts

  • International contracts

  • Import and export contracts

  • Employment and labor contracts

  • Advertising contracts and intellectual property


Negotiation and settlement

In the context of the special nature of some disputes, especially commercial ones, and taking into account the needs of our customers, we exert our efforts in directing the parties of the dispute towards negotiation and settlement in order to avoid arbitration procedures or long litigation and save the money and time of our customers while maintaining a good future business relationship with their opponents after the dispute is settled. Litigation is one of our options, but not the first.
We use our experiences and relationships in negotiating on behalf of customers, whether they are individuals or local or foreign companies, in settling their disputes, in achieving the best solutions and appropriate results in a timely manner, with the aim of achieving reconciliation, drafting and registering the agreement.

Pleadings and arbitration

Representing local or international parties in pleading in commercial cases of all kinds before all courts and judicial committees such as the Committee for the Resolution of Securities Disputes and the Committee for the Resolution of Banking Disputes, in addition to arbitration in commercial and banking cases and others.


Intellectual property

Registration of trademarks in the Arab Republic of Egypt and registration of patents and copyrights.
Litigation in cases related to infringement of intellectual property

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