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The foundation has the honor to represent many local and foreign companies through professional services, speedy completion of work and accuracy of implementation


Immediate response to our customers' inquiries

We always work to promptly respond to our customers' inquiries, given that we understand the urgency of their legal need through all means of communication.



We cover all parts of the Republic, in addition to offices outside the Arab Republic of Egypt


Following the highest standards of integrity and quality

The foundation deals with the utmost honesty and integrity and follows the highest quality standards in providing its services


Electronic services

In the interest of the client's time, the office provides electronic services through the website, which includes all services, inquiries, and all social media links


Continuous follow-up with our customers

The foundation works in constant communication with its clients on a regular basis, in order to inform them of the latest developments that took place in their lawsuits, and any other legal transactions. As we are very keen to achieve the best positive result for the client


Owning a team of qualified and academic experts

The foundation is proud that the majority of the work team holds a doctorate in law, and most of them work as lecturers in major Egyptian universities, in addition to their work in our institution in all fields of law.


Providing legal services on a global scale

The foundation deals with a wide network of international law firms and professional lawyers outside the Egyptian territory, and that network covers the global scale, and therefore there is no need to travel abroad to settle your disputes, as we have lawyers who are fully prepared to serve you, whether at the local or international level

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